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March 28, 2023
A Classy Washroom Makeover

The original washroom was a DYI project of the previous homeowners. While they were proud of their job, it wasn’t professional and had some issues. The Issues From a design standpoint, several things stood out: From a professional standpoint, there were other issues: The Design The proposed design was much more spacious and had some […]

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September 8, 2022
Pergola And High-End Utility Shed

This was a definite challenge. Built during covid, we faced all kinds of issues with supply shortages, a three-week concrete strike, and a shortage of storage space due to their basement being renovated. The work took place over 2 years as a result of the issues. We had to build the shed in the fall […]

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August 8, 2022
A Challenging Small Deck

While this was a small deck, there were some definite challenges. We had to build it in a small area constrained by a 36″ gate and a couple of windows. The old fence, once removed, would also leave a weird triangle-shaped patch of grass. They also wanted a pergola incorporated on an 8×12 deck! We […]

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September 8, 2021
Large Lakefront Composite Deck

We love unusual projects, and this project was exactly that! Custom designs take many builders out of their comfort zone, but not us – we look forward to it. This was an opportunity to sharpen our skills and build what many others only dream of. The Design Originally the customer wanted a square deck, approximately […]

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August 3, 2020
An Impressive Exterior Finishing Job on the Waterfront

Summer 2020 This project was on a beautiful property on the Lake Superior shoreline just north of Thunder Bay. The exterior finishing would consist of the main house, two sheds, a gazebo and a sauna with vinyl siding, soffits, facia, and steel roofing installed. The house received various renovations and additions over the years, many of which had not […]

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July 31, 2020
A Beautiful Bathroom Renovation in Murillo

A client approached Mavriq Construction to renovate one section of their house that a previous homeowner had built. There were some issues due to prior poor construction, which needed to be corrected. The project was a¬†bathroom renovation and beautification of other areas in the newer “wing” of the house. The original bathroom was a sauna […]

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