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Exterior Finishing

We can help transform your home. Vinyl or wood Siding can turn tired and old into something beautiful. In addition to changing the look, you can add functionality by changing windows, doors, gutters etc. Or something larger like adding a porch, bay window or dormer. Exterior Landscaping, Decks or Fences can also be added.
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Getting an Exterior finishing quote is often difficult. Sometimes contractors don't even show up or miss scheduled appointments without telling you.

Are you tired of these kinds of issues? Watch to see how we remove the headaches and get you a quality quotation in a fraction of the time

Vinyl Siding and Accessories

Nothing boosts curb appeal like new siding installed by experienced professionals. Vinyl siding from our supplier of choice Royal Building Products provides many benefits over traditional methods. Our exterior finishing experts can handle every aspect of your vinyl siding project.
Front Entrance With many Exterior Finishing features


Vinyl siding is made to resist the elements of our northern climate. It resists moisture and UV outlasting wood products many times over.

Long Lasting

Comes in a vast assortment of colors, patterns, trims and accessories.

Environmentally Friendly

Vinyl siding and insulated vinyl siding have a lower environmental impact throughout their lifecycle than other kinds of exterior cladding material

Low Maintenance

Almost maintenance free. A simple cleaning once a year will ensure your siding lasts 50 years or more.


Comes in a vast assortment of colors, patterns, trims and accessories.

Mavriq for All Your Wood and Aluminum Siding Needs

With the popularity of vinyl these days, wood and aluminum siding are often forgotten. These are excellent alternatives that provide some features or cost benefits that vinyl cannot. Mavriq carries a wide variety of external finishing options and can handle any of your needs.

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Composite Stone on House

Composite Stone

Composite Stone is an affordable alternative to the real thing. An excellent complement to vinyl siding, it offers beauty and durability to any project.
Virtually maintenance free
Never needs repointing
Impervious to moisture
Complements a wide variety of vinyl siding colors
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Soffits and Fascia

Soffits and Facia Closeup
Soffits and fascia add beauty and finish the roof area of your home. The eavestroughs and downspouts help control the water that falls on your home and carry it away to safely drain without causing damage.

Whether you need to repair some damage, upgrade the look or install from scratch, we can help you from start to finish. Your in good hands with our experienced installers – it’s more than just aesthetics and we are there to help. Poor exterior finishing can lead to interior wall and foundation damage.

Ice Dams

Ice dams most often occur where the wall meets the roof and is often a result of adding insulation without taking air flow into consideration. Insulation right up to the roof sheathing is a bad thing. You need air to flow from your soffits to the attic. We always inspect this area and can install inexpensive Moore vents if the soffits are blocked.

Basement Cracks and Flooding

We’ve seen many customers presented with estimates for 10’s of thousands of dollars to repair foundations that are leaking. Often this work is done without addressing the original cause: gutters that are damaged or not functioning correctly. Combine this with improper slope to the ground below and you have a major problem. Consider the fact that ALL the rain that falls on that section of roof now falls a couple of inches from your basement wall… We’ve had customers simply address the roof issues and never have to repair their foundation.
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Gutters, Eavestrough and Downspouts

Proper drainage is critical in keeping your home free from water damage, and a properly functioning drainage system is your first defence.
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An inexpensive inspection of your system may save you costly repairs. Have one of our qualified inspectors make sure your system is functioning correctly.

Repairs and Cleaning

Improper slope, leaking seams, and clogged components are often inexpensive to repair and clean. It's far cheaper than costly foundation repairs from water seeping into your home.

New Install or Replacement

We use continuous eavestrough formed on-site to minimize or eliminate the number of seams that may fail in the future.

Keep your gutters service free with a leaf guard system. Ask us for details.

Our Proven Process

We work with clients from the very first meeting to define the client's expectations, budget and vision. The process ensures we capture all the relevant information, develop a strong plan and ensure the client receives the established work product.

Complimentary Consultation

Our free consultation helps us align with customers and ensure both parties are working towards a common goal.

A build specific questionnaire helps collect information such as a rough budget, “scrapbook photos”, the client's needs and wants, style preferences and rough timelines. We also provide resources to customers to help further refine their vision.

Gather Project Information

After the first meeting clients will be given time to consider the options, ideas and resources presented. Our staff will then work to establish the final Color Schemes, Finishes, as well as Material Selection.

Other important design choices such as Lighting, Storage and Unique Features will be finalized.

Formal Design and Planning

The information will be compiled into detailed construction documents and/or 3D renderings as required by the project.

The final pricing, detailed plans, terms and scheduling, will be compiled into a contract.

Once approved and agreed permits will be obtained and project will be set in motion.

Implementation and Final Walk Through

Your project will be overseen by a core employee who will take responsibility for the project, keep the site safe and clean and give you regular status updates.

Upon completion a final walk through and a punch list will be created for issues that need addressing.

This isn’t the end though! With our 2 year labor warranty we’ll be there for you if you need us.
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Detailed Project Contracts

Don't settle for a quote scribbled on a piece of paper without any details. Our clients receive a detailed brake down of all the project phases, scheduling, terms and conditions and other important information. Our customers know what is covered and what is not, so they are not surprised by "extras" they thought were covered.
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Construction Documents

Our designers can create any technical documentation necessary for your project. We have can also prepare any permits needed. Our drawings surpass what most architectural and engineering firms provide.