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The modern kitchen means more than just a space to cook and eat. Many families spend a significant amount of time meeting with friends, playing games, doing homework etc. Technical information is important to a design, but so is how the space will be used. We capture this information during our design process and ensure it is used to develop the final plan.
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Our Approach To Kitchen Renovations

Renovations are a big decision, and the results will impact your life both during and after the work. Your project deserves the time and attention that our team will provide. Our proven customer-oriented process ensures that details are not missed, and the renovation is as seamless as possible.
Our core team has decades of combined experience in the Thunder Bay market. We strive for quality in everything we do and continually improve our skills, knowledge and processes. We back up our work with a 2-year Labor Warranty on top of the material warranties of the manufacturer.
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The modern kitchen means more than just a space to cook and eat. A significant amount of time is spent meeting with friends, playing games, doing homework and other activities in many families. We capture this information during our Project Process and ensure it is used to develop the final plan.


A great kitchen design accounts for the client's aesthetics needs. The colour scheme, style and material selection are critical in creating a space the customer will love for years to come. To determine storage needs, the designer should find out details such as how much fresh produce you keep on hand, how often you buy in bulk, and similar information. We capture that and more.


We can help you pick the appliances, lighting, flooring and cabinetry that will meet your needs for years to come. We work with many suppliers to offer a wide selection and save you money.
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Kitchen Cabinet Selection

Cabinets come in a wide variety of styles and colours, from modern to the ever popular "country kitchen" look. There is glass vs solid door, painted vs unpainted, as well as many other options. The first thing you should decide is the style you want. All the other design choices need to be made afterwards.


One of the larger portions of a kitchen renovation budget is the cabinets. A critical decision is picking what quality of cabinet will be purchased. The quality and price are mostly governed by their construction. Thermofoil and melamine with a particleboard core are on the low end, with solid wood and plywood cabinets on the other. It is ok to purchase inexpensive cabinets, but keep in mind that you will likely have to replace them in 5-10 years. They tend to be susceptible to water and heat damage, yellow with age, and delaminate reasonably quickly. Our supplier of choice is Direct Cabinets uses only top quality materials.


There are two types of cabinets: Eurostyle and Face Frame. Face-frame cabinets have a front that resembles a picture frame where the door is attached. Frameless or "euro-style" have no front frame, and special door hinges are used to allow the door to be attached to the sides. The hinges will enable the door to cover the sides completely (full overlay), or they can cover a portion only (half overlay, etc).


Cabinet hardware includes handles and drawer pulls, as well as the hinges and sliders that hold the drawers. Quality is essential if you want them to last a long time. You should also decide if you want soft close hardware or want to depend on the older felt pads to stop doors and drawers from banging. In our experience, we advise avoiding inexpensive soft close add ons as they don't last very long.


Modern cabinets have many new accessories that will help you maximize space. You should budget for them during the design process as they make financial sense. Items such as pull out base cabinet drawerscorner carouselsblind corner pull out shelvespantry organizersspice rack pull-outswastebasket pull-out traysdrawer organizerswine racks, and under-sink cleaning storage are just a few of the great choices.

Countertops And Sinks

Countertops come in a wide variety of materials and colours. They each have trade-offs in characteristics, and you will have to pick the one that suits your project. It would be wise to match the cabinets' quality as they may be damaged during a replacement.

Modern sinks are often tied to countertop choice, so you should decide what type you want before ordering either. Common types are FarmhouseUndermountFlush mount, and Top Mount. There are specialty types such as Bar and Corner Sinks. Common materials are Stainless SteelComposite Sinks, and Fireclay. Another consideration is the number of bowls and features such as drying areas.

Finally, you need to pick what type of faucet you want. These are tied to sink selection as they come in 1,2,3, or 4 hole versions, and your sink needs to match. There are Pull OutSingle Handle, and Two Handle. There are also specialty features such as TouchlessSoap DispensersPot Fillers, etc. Finally, there is the style and finish of the faucet.

Our guide on countertop materials may help you in selecting the best material for your project.


Your lighting choices are important as they may impact the work done in your kitchen. Lighting needs to be chosen before construction starts as the electrical work must be completed nearly immediately. There are three main types of lighting ambient, task and accent. You should consider brightness and colour temperature when choosing.

  • Ambient lighting is soft lighting that illuminates the entire room. Recessed and on ceiling lighting are good choices.
  • Task lighting is brighter than ambient and should cover all important work areas. It is often a good idea to include in-cabinet lighting when designing if it is in a shaded area or an area where you may have to find items such as a pantry. Under-counter, puck, pendant and strip lighting make good task lights.
  • Accent lighting may vary in brightness and is for showing-off architectural elements such as items in glass door cupboards, a tray ceiling, or a wine rack.

We work with some of the top lighting specialty businesses in Thunder Bay and will help you with the kitchen renovation design, so lighting needs are covered. 


There never seems to be enough storage in a kitchen. To get the most of your kitchen renovation, look at your current storage and see where you have wasted space. Base cabinets often have a few items and a lot of space above them. When planning your kitchen, take advantage of the cabinet accessories mentioned above or adjustable shelves. Check if poor lighting is causing you to avoid placing items in an otherwise suitable storage location so you can avoid the problem with the new design.

If space allows, you might want to consider adding an entire pantry to the design if you need the storage. Large pantry cabinets are another great choice. It also may be a great time to invest in a good set of stackable pots and plastic ware as the odd-sized items waste a lot of space. Another space saver is a pot hanger above an island.
Once notified of the completion of a stage, an inspector must be on-site within 48 business hours. In our experience, it is often quicker than that.


Appliances are one of the most important items in a kitchen renovation, and you should include them in the plan even if you are not currently replacing them. You may want to replace them down the road, and it is a good idea to have utilities and space ready.

There are many options available you may not have seen before. Our designers will go over options such as built-inpanel ready, and a host of other choices available to you. 

It is also critical that you decide what kind of ventilation you will be using before construction as ductwork and electrical needs to be in place. There is down-draftover-the-range microwaveunder-cabinet and chimney hood types


If you are replacing the cabinets, you should consider utility upgrades even if you only planned to do the cabinets. With them removed, it is often easy for tradespeople to rewire and/or plum the kitchen. Often older utilities are not up to modern kitchens' requirements and, in some cases, are downright dangerous. At the very least, get a quote on the work as you might be surprised at how little some things cost.

Our Project Process

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