Landscaping, Decks and Fences

Looking to beautify your yard? We can handle all aspects of the job—landscaping, Decks, Patios, Gazebos, Pergolas and fences. Let us help you with your next project.
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Yard beautification often starts with landscaping. We can handle any aspect of the job, from design to planting.
  • Material Spreading
  • Stump Removal
  • Material Delivery
  • Retaining Walls
  • Trenches,
  • Geo Textile Installation
  • Design and Drawings
  • Flower beds/boxes,
  • Interlocking Paving
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Water Features
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We can build decks of any size, from a simple patio to a multi-level deck descending a hillside; we can design and build anything you can imagine.
A majority of decks have planking running in 1 direction only.
Picture Frame
A picture frame looks nice and hides all the edges when looking from the side. It does require some extra framing and increases costs slightly.
Double Picture Frame
A double or triple picture frame costs about the same as a single frame but may look odd on smaller decks.
A Transition adds visual interest and requires some additional framing increasing costs slightly.
Diagonal decking adds visual interest but requires a considerable amount of extra cutting and significantly increases costs.

Our Proven Process

We work with clients from the very first meeting to define the client's expectations, budget and vision. The process ensures we capture all the relevant information, develop a strong plan and ensure the client receives the established work product.

Complimentary Consultation

Our free consultation helps us align with customers and ensure both parties are working towards a common goal.

A build specific questionnaire helps collect information such as a rough budget, “scrapbook photos”, the client's needs and wants, style preferences and rough timelines. We also provide resources to customers to help further refine their vision.

Gather Project Information

After the first meeting clients will be given time to consider the options, ideas and resources presented. Our staff will then work to establish the final Color Schemes, Finishes, as well as Material Selection.

Other important design choices such as Lighting, Storage and Unique Features will be finalized.

Formal Design and Planning

The information will be compiled into detailed construction documents and/or 3D renderings as required by the project.

The final pricing, detailed plans, terms and scheduling, will be compiled into a contract.

Once approved and agreed permits will be obtained and project will be set in motion.

Implementation and Final Walk Through

Your project will be overseen by a core employee who will take responsibility for the project, keep the site safe and clean and give you regular status updates.

Upon completion a final walk through and a punch list will be created for issues that need addressing.

This isn’t the end though! With our 2 year labor warranty we’ll be there for you if you need us.
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Detailed Project Contracts

Don't settle for a quote scribbled on a piece of paper without any details. Our clients receive a detailed brake down of all the project phases, scheduling, terms and conditions and other important information. Our customers know what is covered and what is not, so they are not surprised by "extras" they thought were covered.
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Construction Documents

Our designers can create any technical documentation necessary for your project. We have can also prepare any permits needed. Our drawings surpass what most architectural and engineering firms provide.